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Helicopter Aviation Links

Helicopter Related Links:

AHS International
The vertical flight society.
Alouette and Lama Website
Pierre Gillard's website, dedicated to Alouettes and Lamas. Check it out - lots of work has gone into this website !!
Aero Ads
Canadian based helicopter ads - helicopters and parts for sale / wanted , employment ads, etc
Air Ambulance Service Companies and Air Ambulance Service overview including history, international perspective, and resources.
Atlas Aviation
"By pilots, for pilots". Portal. Flight planning, training, employment, forums.
AvHistory - Rotorcraft
Weird and wonderful flying contraptions!
The British Helicopter Advisory Board. Lots of info about helicopter operations in the UK.
Aerial photography of yachts - Florida,USA.
Bristow Helicopters (unofficial) / Skyweaver
The unofficial website of Bristow Helicopters.
Care Flight
Care Flight EMS in Queensland, Australia.
B Company, 159th Aviation
Classic Rotors
Restoration of helicopters. Non-profit. Well worth a visit.
EMS homepage
Homepage of EMS helicopter enthusiasts.
Flug Revue Helicopter Data (RECOMMENDED)
Information and specs of most helicopters.
Helicopter Association International.
Helicopter User
Sales and charter info (UK), links.
Helicopter History (RECOMMENDED)
A great website. All you ever wanted to know about evolution of the helicopter.
A venture to try and help helicopter pilots build hours.
Helicopters.com (RECOMMENDED)
A news website with helicopter news from around the globe. Updated constantly.
Helicopters Magazine
Canadian Helicopter magazine.
Helicopteros - The Page
Another great website in English and Spanish. Lots of wallpapers, animations, photos and sounds.
Manufacturers of luggage panniers (helipod) for R-22, Rotorway and H269 helicopters. Also spray systems, interiors and filter kits for the R-22.
Helicopter photos and information.
Heli Tang
Multilingual website providing a variety of helicopter related info.
Heli Tech
Website of Heli Tech, held yearly at Duxford, near Cambridge, UK.
Henry 1
Website of Henry 1 (Bell 407 Rescue Helicopter of Sonoma County Sheriff in California).
Les Helicopteres De La Gendarmerie.
Website of the helicopters of the French National Guard.
Piazzai Models
Quality diecast models of most helicopters ... supply to major manufacturers.
Police Helicopter Pilot.com
Information about becoming a police helicopter pilot and general information and anecdotes about police aviation.
Popular Rotorcraft Association.
Rotorway Owners' Group (RECOMMENDED)
Forum based website with lots of info about Rotorways and other experimental category helis.
R22Helicopters.com (RECOMMENDED)
Website with lots of info about R-22s (and R-44s). Lots of links.
Rotorcraft - switzerland.
Rotor + Wing
Articles from the latest Rotor and Wing magazine.
Photos of rotorheads of various helicopters.
Sector 9 Helicopters
Distributors of the Hummingbird Helicopter (S-52) in Australasia.
The Shephard Group
Publishers of among others, "Helicopter World", "Defense Helicopter" and the "Regional Aviation Handbook".
Sikorsky Archives (RECOMMENDED)
All about Igor Sikorsky and Sikorsky's helicopters.
Swiss Helicopter Club
Helicopter Club of Switzerland.
Team Helico
Information and links - helicopters in Europe.
Tempest Heli Parts Inc.
THE STORM BEFORE THE CALM. Helicopter and helicopter parts sales. Canada based.
TC's Aviation Info Site
Personal website with helpful hints and tips for safe flying of various helicopters and light aircraft.
The Helicopter Aviation Homepage - Aerodynamics (RECOMMENDED)
A great guide online - adapted from the US Army Field Manual 1-51.
Vertical Magazine
"North America's Helicopter Authority" - website / portal of Vertical Magazine.
Worldwide Helicopter Links
Worldwide helicopter links.
National Guard and Reserve Aviation (unofficial)
National Guard and Reserve Aviation (unofficial).

General Aviation Links

Advanced Business Events / BCI Aerospace
Organisers of events such as AEROMART Toulouse, AEROSOLUTIONS Bordeaux, EUROSATORY One to One Meetings and more.
Almost 7000 aviation links, well categorized.
AMR Air Ambulance
A domestic (USA) and international air ambulance transport company.
South African aviation website.
Aircraft Direct
FREE internet classifieds of aircraft and parts for sale.
Aviation art gallery on the internet. Well worth a visit.
Aviation classified ads worldwide : aircrafts, parts, accessories, ... Aviation links directory.
Aviation Courses
The largest independent aviation safety training company in the UK. Specialising in safety and emergency procedure training.
"Aviation Day" Ecards
Free "Aviation Day" Ecards.
Avid Aviator
Pilot supplies at discount prices featuring headsets, transceivers, FAA test preparation, helicopter books and courses.
Avro Arrow Recovery Canada (RECOMMENDED)
Avro Arrows information site.
Anything and everything relevant to aviation. Don't get scared off, registering is free.
Aviation Animation (RECOMMENDED)
Animations and sound effects.
Chicken Wings Comics
COMIC STRIP - Watch the zany employees of the Roost Air FBO struggle through the daily business of getting airborne!
Website of an artist, including some stunning aviation art.
Europe seen from the sky
Aerial photographs of Europe.
Flight International
Articles from the current issue, classifieds and upcoming article information.
Flight Nursing
Website for Flight Nursing professionals.
Flight Training Info
Information about flight training from an aviation and flight training industry expert.
Website for EMS professionals.
Fly Away Simulation
A large, up-to-date flight simulation software website.
"Best Flying directory is the all in one place to start your aviation search covering everything from flight school, helicopter, flight attendant training."
Flying Mule
Diecast aircraft models.
GG Pilot Flight Training Information
Flight training information.
Aviation portal including FAA Registered Aircraft lookup, Airport Report Database, Weather and Flight Planning and free to view classifieds...
Honda Jets.net
Hondajets.net is an online information resource for HondaJet, which is the experimental aircraft that has been developed by world renowned engine manufacturer Honda. We also have information regarding Microjets, Very Light Jets (VLJS), personal jets and private jets.
Another large aviation website.
Pilot resources ... weather, links, humour, aerodynamics, etc
Pilot Portal USA
Designed for the American aviator. Provides a comprehensive flight school directory, an aviation directory, an aviation dictionary, current aviation news and comprehensive weather information.
Pilot Websites
Thousands of links to everything aviation.
Procockpit -
Advanced flight concepts for the general aviation pilot.
Pro Pilot
"Aviaton website for professional pilots"
S2T Aviation
Aviation products ... palm software ... PERFO runway installations ... headsets ... AND MORE !
Sally Mitchell
Website of another artist who does some good aviation art.
"Quality Hand Carved Mahogany Model Airplanes"
Stalag 13 Aviation Links
Another 7000 or so aviation links. Alphabetically organised.
SureCheck Aviation
Aviation products ... checklists , Trafficscope ... AND MORE !
Tailwheels Etc
Fixed wing training ... from taildraggers to twins !!

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