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Absolute Fire Solutions
Firefighting equipment.
Aces Systems
Balancing and vibration analysis equipment.
Aerazur / Air Cruisers / Zodiac Group
Emergency floats, life rafts , elastomeric fuel cells for helicopters.
Aerocomputers, Inc.
Designer and manufacturer of GPS mapping systems.
AeroMaritime America Inc
Rolls Royce / Allison engine overhauls.
Aeronautical Accessories
Manufacturers of various accessories and replacement parts for a variety of helicopters.
Aero Smith Heli Services
Maintenance, dynamic component overhaul, repair and exchange (Bell 206 and MD 500).
Phantom Series low-profile UHF radio antenna for beyond-line-of-sight operations and 2.4 GHz wireless video system.
Aluminium Structures
Design and production of aluminium alloy structures (makers of Astech automatic fire suppressing helidecks).
Air Comm Corporation
Maker of helicopter environmental control systems.
Aircraft Belts, Inc.
Maker of seat belts and restraints.
Airwork (NZ) Limited
Maintenance, component overhaul, parts supply.
Apical Industries
Manufacturers of emergency pop-out floats for Bell, Eurocopter and MD Helicopters.
Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc.
NVG cockpit lighting, NVG training.
Aviation Communications, Inc. (AVCOMM)
Panel-mount intercom systems, headsets and multi-radio interfaces.
Barry Helicopter External Load and underslung nets
Manufacturer of long lines, barrel slings and cargo nets.
EGPWS, IHAS traffic advisory system, Mode 2 datalink receiver, satcom, traffic advisory systems, and audio control panel units.
Manufacturer of rescue hoists, cargo winches and hooks, motion control servos, and munitions loaders.
Broadcast Microwave Services, Inc.
Maker of short-, medium-, and long-range airborne video systems.
Bruce's Custom Covers
Suppliers of heat shields and covers for aircraft, props and rotor blades.
Canadian Heli Structures Ltd
Bell Helicopter major structural repairs, modifications, and specialty welding on light and medium turbine helicopters.
Carson Helicopters
Composite S-61 blades and FireKing (1000 gallon fire tanker).
C&M manufactures new seat belts, rewebs of existing restraints, and sells and leases survival equipment (life rafts, life vests, survival kits).
Chadwick (Honeywell)
Manufacturers of vibration analysis equipment.
Chelton Flight Systems
3D synthetic vision EFIS, HITS (highway in the sky), TAWS (terrain awareness and warning) systems.
Comm Innovations, Inc.
Custom manufacturing of high-quality aircraft communications equipment, including headsets.

Communications Northwest Inc.
Multi-band, multi-channel radios for aviation and law enforcement.
Crescent Helicopters
Replacement cylinders for emergency float systems.
Rotor blade repairs, sales, etc.
Dart Helicopter Services
Suppliers of steps, pods, baskets, heaters, doors, rappelling kits, and more.
David Clark
Davis Aircraft Products
Manufacturers of cargo and passenger restraints for helicopters and aircraft.
DeVore Lights
Supplier of Tel-Tail vertical tail and tail rotor flood light systems.
Eagle Copters
Maintenance, overhaul,sales, "Eagle Single" B212 modifications.
Eastern Aero Marine
Manufacturers of life rafts, life vests, etc.
EMS Satcom
eNfusion Broadband communication.
Essential Turbines
Overhaul, repair, sales and exchange of Rolls Royce 250 series engines, modules and accessories.
Euronav Navigation
Moving maps and digital chart systems.
FEC Heliports
Design, manufacturing and installion of heliports.
Flight Light, Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of FAA approved airport lighting products.
Flight Management Systems
Moving map displays.
FlightSafety International
Pilot training (flight simulators) ,maintenance training.
FLIR Systems, Inc.
Manufacturers of infra-red equipment and cameras.
FlyIt Simulators
Manufacturers of flight simulators.
Manufacturers of flight simulators.
Maker of advanced stabilized binoculars and night vision equipment.
Full Lotus Manufacturing, Inc.
Floats for light helicopters.
GPS systems, etc.
GENA Systems GmbH
Tracking, navigation and communication systems.
Global Microwave Systems
Supplier of miniature radios for video and audio transmission.
Goodrich Hoist and Winch
Maker of helicopter hoists and winches.
Helicopter Accessory Service, Inc.
Hydraulic accessories maintenance, overhaul, sales and exchange.
Heli-Hoyle Aviation Products
Manufacture of Long Lines and Cargo Nets. North American distributor of CloudBurst Wildfire Suppression Water Bucket & Ground-Effect Spreaders.
Heli-Lynx Helicopter Services
Maintenance, parts exchange, AS350 and AS355 upgrade specialists (AS350FX and AS355FX).
Helicopter parts and components, helicopter leasing, survival suits.
Heli Tow Cart
Helicopter tow carts and wheels.
Helipads, elevated helipads, etc.
HeliTech and Red Barn Equipment
Manufacturers of special tools and equipment.
Manufacturers of vibration analysis equipment.
Heli-Welders Canada Ltd
Composite and sheetmetal structural repair.
H+S Aviation
Engine components and overhauls.
ITS - International Turbine Service
Turbine engine aftermarket support - engines, components and accessories sales and exchange.
Lifesaving Systems Corp.
Manufacturer of helicopter rescue and survival equipment.
Life Support International, Inc.
Equipment and supplies for rescue, safety, and survival.
TT Straps, elastomeric bearings, dampers, etc.
Manairco, Inc.
Lighting systems for airports and heliports.
MANHANDLER helicopter dollies
Manufacture of helicopter dollies.
MASCO Services Corp.
Sales, overhaul, exchange and repair of helicopter instruments and solid-state accessories.
Mason Electric Company, Inc.
Communications accessories, including microphones andheadsets.
Meeker Aviation
Designs and manufactures aviation specialty equipment.
Northern Airborne Technology Ltd.
Audio and FM communications systems for fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft.
Onboard Systems
Cargo hook equipment.
Otto Controls (Otto Engineering)
Supplier of grips and controls.
Oxley Avionics
Maker of LED and NVG-compatible lighting systems.
Paravion Technology Inc.
AirCon Systems, bleed air heaters, FLIR / camera mounts, etc.
Precision Heliparts
Starter generators, tach-generators, fuel pumps, governors, etc.
Priority1 Air Rescue
Sell helicopter rescue and safety products as well as provide training in air rescue
REB Technologies
NVG cockpit lighting.
Rescue Solutions International
Maker of rescue equipment products, including: RescueRocket, RescueSling, BreakawaySling, and HeliSling.
Rotorcraft Support, Inc.
Helicopter maintenance, component overhaul, structural repair, helicopter spares.
Supplier of on-board technologies including navigation, avionics, optronics, integrated systems, and more.
Sandel Avionics
Manufacturer / Supplier of HTAWS (Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems).
SEI Industries
Bambi Buckets and Fireflex fire-fighting equipment.
Simplex Manufacturing
Manufacturers of fire buckets, spray gear, sling accessories and HeliPod baggage panniers.
Sky Connect
Satellite-based tracking and telephone systems.
Skyhook Rescue Systems
Designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art rescue equipment, harnesses, hoists, extraction, and swift water rescue equipment. Also provides rescue training.
Skyquest Aviation
Aircraft video displays, thermal imagers, NVG filters, integrated mission equipment systems, searchlight slavers, and more.
Manufacturers of high-intensity searchlights (Nightsun).
StartPac (RotorCraft Enterprises)
Portable battery packs and GPUs, Kool Air helicopter air conditioning.
Suppliers of starter-generators and starter-generator parts.
Switlik Parachute Company
Manufacturers of life rafts, life vests, etc.
Tech-Tool Plastics, Inc.
Maker and supplier of both standard and custom helicopter windows.
Transas Aviation
Russian manufacturer of simulators, navigational software and avionics, including TAWS, GNSS, MFD, FMS and DMG.
Helicopter engines.
Tyler Camera Systems
Gyrostabilized camera mounts, and special ops bench seat with fast-rope rappelling option.
Universal Avionics Systems Corp.
Flat-panel integrated displays, terrain avoidance warning systems, FMS, communications management units (CMUs), satcoms and more.
Manufacturer of image capturing devices with many applications.

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