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Helicopter Operators List

Companies are listed according to where their headquarters are situated.


Scenic tours, charter, heli-skiing. AS350, B212, Llama.


Hangar Uno
(In Spanish) Buenos Aires.
Training, charter, sales, maintenance.
Tiburcio Benegas.


Apex Helicopters
Retz. Filming, charter. H500, B206.


12 Apostles Helicopters
Victoria. Heli-tours, survey work. B206.
Australian Helicopters
Brisbane, Queensland. Incorporating Reef Helicopters, Marine Helicopters and Heli Film VIP. Large combined fleet of various helicopters.
Advanced Flight Theory
Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Ground school for Australian exams.
Caboolture, Queensland. Training, charter, aerial work, agricultural work, maintenance. B47
Brisbane. Charter, training, S+R, ENG, aerial photography. R-22, R-44, AS350 (access to A109, AS365, BK117).
Becker Helicopters
Training, charter, aerial work, ground school, training books, and DVD's for helicopter pilots.. AS350, A109E Power, R22, Hughes 300, Bell 47, Bell 206.
Blue Tongue Helicopters
Training, helitours, charter. Bell 47, R-22.
Blue Sky Helicopters
Sydney. Aerial Photography/Film, Scenic flights, Executive & General charter. R22, R44 & B206.
Brazakka's Cape York Helicopters
Cairns, Queensland. Heli-fishing, charters, hunting, safaris, medivac, heli-tours. R-44(x4).
Broome Helicopters
Kimberley Regions, Western Australia. Remote helicopter charters, sling and survey operations. AS350.
Chopper 1 Helicopter Services
Coffs Harbour. Scenic flights, charter, fractional ownership schemes.R-44, R-22, B206.
ChopperLine Flight Training
Caloundra. Training, Aerial Work, Charter, VIP Transfer. R-22, various other types.
Dynamic Helicopters
Sydney. Training, Charter, Scenic Flights, Aerial Photography. R-22, B47, R-44, B206.
Film Helicopters Australia (G+A Helicopters)
Filming, stunts.
Flight Training Adelaide
Adelaide. Training. Schweizer 300 CBi.
Helicopter Transport & Training
Sydney. Training, scenic flights, aerial photography, charter. B206, R-22, R-44.
Helicopters Australia
Perth. Offshore, S+R, charter. B206, AS350, S-76.
Helicopters Victoria
Melbourne. Charter, firefighting. A-109.
Perth. Charter, offshore, aerial work.
Bell Helicopter agents.
North Australian Helicopters
Mustering, charter, scenic flights. R-22, R-44, B206B, B206L.
Prestige Helicopters
Sydney. Charter. B206, R-22, R-44.
Professional Helicopter Services
Victoria. Filming, charter, training. H-300, H-500, B-47, B206, R-22.
Solitair Helicopters
Sumner Park, Queensland. Heli-tours, private charter, scenic flights, aerial work. EC120, AS-350B2.
Sydney Helicopters
Sydney. Heli-tours, private charter, scenic flights, aerial filmwork and photography. B206 x 2, B206L, AS-350B2.


HEAVY lift, utility. Mi-26, Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-2, Mi-10, KA-32.
Sky Project Helicopters
EMS, Offshore work, sales, general charter. Various helicopters.
Heli & Co
Transport, aerial work, aerial photography and filming, business flights, scenic flights, practical helicopter flight courses, VIP flights, etc . RH22 - RH44 - EC120B - AS350BA - AS355N.
Heli One Helicopter Flight Services
Halle. Charter, scenic flights, heli air shuttle, aerial photography and filming, business flights, practical helicopter flight courses, air work, VIP flights, etc.. R-44.
Brussells. Charter, training. MD902, B206, R-22, R-44.
Heli Service Belgium
Halle. Charter, training, maintenance, sales. R-22, R-44, B206, AS355.
Kortrijk. Charter, VIP, Ship / pilot service, hospital transfers. AS365(x2), A109C(x2), EC120B(x2).


Helisul Taxi Aereo
Rio de Janeiro.Heli-tours.


Aberdeen Helicopters Ltd.
Prince George, B.C. Aerial work, heli-tours, charter, medivac, aerial photography, fire-fighting.
British Columbia Helicopters Ltd.
Abbotsford, B.C. Training, photography, charter. R-22.
Canadian Air-Crane
Delta, B.C. Firefighting, logging, heavy lift. S-64.
Canadian Helicopters ltd
Quebec. Charter, EMS, Aerial work, IFR operations, Training 41 bases across Canada.R22, R44, Hu 500, B206, B204, B212,´┐ŻAS350, AS355, S76, S61.
CHC Helicopter Corporation
St Johns, Newfoundland. Offshore, charter. Various helicopters worldwide.
Cougar Helicopters
Halifax, Nova Scotia. Offshore, EMS, aerial work, maintenance, consulting. AS332, SK61, S-76, AS355, B206.
Custom Helicopters
Winnipeg. Aerial work, training, maintenance, filming. B206, B205, H300.
Delta Helicopters
Edmonton, Alberta. General helicopter application. B206, B204, R-44.
E-Z Air Inc.
Edmonton, Alberta. Training, charter, maintenance, aerial work. R-22.
Far West Helicopters
Chilliwack, B.C.Forestry Air Support, Heli-Logging Support, Fire Fighting, BC Ambulance Medi-Vac, Sightseeing and Advanced Helicopter Training. B206 (x4).
Four Seasons Aviation Ltd.
Ontario. Filming, charter. AS355, B206L.
Gateway Helicopters Ltd
North Bay. Charter, training, aerial spraying. AS350, Enstrom.
Great Lakes Helicopter
Waterloo, Ontario. Training, charter, scenic flights. R-22, R-44, B206.
Great Slave Helicopters
Yellowknife. Charters, offshore, heavy-lift, aerial work, maintenance. Sch 300, B206, H500, B212, B204, AS350.
Heli College
Langley, B.C. Ground school + flying training.
Helicopters Canada
Training. R-22.
Helicopter Transport Services (Canada) Inc
Carp (Ottawa) Ontario. Charter, Heavy Lift, EMS, Fire-fighting, Filming. S-64, S-61, S76, B212, B205, B222, B206L's, B206B, R22
Helicopter Training Corporation
Carp (Ottawa) Ontario. Training, Charter, Filming. B206, R22.
Helijet Airways
Vancouver. City centre to city centre shuttle service. S-76.
Heliqwest Aviation Inc.
Edmonton, Alberta. Charter, external load specialists, aerial work. B212, B205.
Hudson Bay Helicopters
Churchill, Manitoba. Charter, heli-tours. H500, B206B, B206L, AS350, B204, B212.
Longbeach Helicopters Ltd.
Nanaimo,B.C. Charter, helitours. AS350.
National Helicopters Inc.
Toronto, Ontario. Training, filming, medivac, aerial work, maintenance, charter. Various helicopters.
Niagara Helicopters
Niagara Falls, Ontario. Heli-tours. B206.
Peregrine Helicopters
Hinton / Jasper. Aerial work, charter, heli-tours. B206.
Phoenix Heliflight
Fort McMurray, Alberta. Wildfire suppression, aerial work, aerial photography, charter, medevac. EC120, EC130, AS350.
Prism Helicopters, Ltd
Pitt Meadows, B.C. Logging support, line maintenance, charter. MD500, AS350 .
Provincial Helicopters
Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba. Charter, aerial work, maintenance. AS350, B204, B206.
Questral Helicopters
Charter, aerial work. AS350.
Sarvair Aviation Ltd
108 Mile Airport, B.C. Charter, heli-rescue, heli-fishing and hiking, aerial work. B206, AS350.
Skylink Aviation
Toronto, Ontario. Heavy lift, charter. Mi-26, Mi-8, B212.
Talon Helicopters
Richmond,B.C. Film work, S+R, aerial construction, fire-fighting, heli-tours. B206, AS350.
The Helicopter Company Inc.
Toronto, Ontario. Helitours, charter. B206.
Trans North Helicopters
Whitehorse, Yukon. Charter, general heli work. B206 x 14.
TRK Helicopters
Langley, B.C. Charter, Training, Aerial Photography, etc. R-22, R-44, B206L3, FlyIt Sim.
Ultra Helicopters Ltd
Peace River, Alberta. Seismic, forestry, aerial work, medivac, charter. B206, B206L3, B205A-1, B204C, AS350FX2, R-44.
Universal Helicopters.
Goose Bay, Newfoundland. Aerial work, mineral exploration, maintenance. B407, B206L, AS350, Ens480.
Valley Helicopters
Hope, B.C. B206B(x4), B206L, B-47. Charters, heli-tours, training.
Vancouver Island Helicopters
Sidney, B.C. EMS, Forestry and aerial survey work, training. B205, B206, AS355, H500, R-22, B222.
Thunder Bay, Ontario. Heli-claw, heli-torch, fire-suppression, construction, general aerial work. B206B, B206L.
Wildcat Helicopters
British columbia + Alberta. Fire fighting, forestry, oil industry support, construction, tourism, medivac. B206L, B212 (x2).
Yellowhead Helicopters Ltd.
Valemount, B.C. Aerial work, heli tours, charter, medivac, photography, fire-fighting. B206B(x6), B206L(x3), B204(x2).


Caribbean Helicopters
Heli-tours. B206.


Alfa Helicopteros
La Reina. Fire-fighting, filmimg, SAR, aerial support. B206, B204, B407, S316, C206.
Machali, Rancagua.
Eagle Copters
Maintenance, leasing, sales.


Helicopters Hong Kong and East Asia Airlines
Hong Kong. Aerial tours, aerial surveys, transport to Macau.S-76.


Helicopteros de Colombia

Costa Rica

Aero Diva
Costa Rica. Long line work , Construction Support, Med Evac, Search and Rescue, Firefighting, Filming, Sightseeing. B205.
Heli-Tours Tropical
Costa Rica. Heli-tours, charter. B206, AS350, Hiller 1100.


HIKO - Heli Kompanija
Zagreb. SAR, HEMS, VIP charter, aerial photography, fire-fighting, filming. EC130, EC145.


United Pilots APS
Charter. B206.

Dominican Republic

VIP charter, aerial photography, medi-vac. B206, BO105, fixed wings.


Island Hoppers
Nadi Airport. Heli-tours, charter, aerial photography, general aerial work. AS350.


Copterline Oy
Helsinki. Scheduled route, HEMS, SAR, offshore, charter, prof. training, maintenance. S76C, EC135, BO105, B206, H500.

Helipro OY
Helsinki. Charter, powerline inspections, aerial filming. R-44, MD500.
Helsinki. ENG, charter, training, contract work. R-22, R-44, MD500E, B206.


La Baule + Dinard + Vannes. Aerial Photography/Film, Scenic flights, Executive & General charter. AS350BA, AS350B2.
Armor Helicoptere
(In French) Bell 47, Llama, AS350, C-172.
Association des Pilotes d'Helicopteres du Finistere
(In French) R-22.
Blugeon Helicopteres
(In French). La Rocher. Heavy lift, charter. Llama, AS350, S332.
Global Heli Services
Marseilles. Heli tours, charter, training. R-22, B206, AS350, H500.
Heliair Company
Saint-Etienne. Charter, heli-tours, aerial work.
Charter, aerial filming, training. EC120, R-44, Sch300.
(In French) Noyers. Training. R-22, R-44.
Paris. Charter, heli-tours, filming, aerial work. AS350.
Heli Inter
(In French).
Heli Union France
Charter, training, aerial photography.
Heli Securite
Charter, training, rescue, VIP transport, Nice-Monaco and Nice-Cannes transfers. AS350.
Heli Paris
Paris. Heli-tours. B206, R-22.
Heli Volcan Jet Systems
Valence / Clermont Ferrand. Heli-tours, training. AS350.
Paris. Helicopter Charter. Alouette 2.
JDE Aero
(In French).
Jet Systems
Le Mans. Heli-tours, charter.
Montblanc Helicoptere
Heli-tours, EMS, heli-skiing, charter, training. R-22, EC130, EC135, AS350.
Oya Vendee Helicopters
Ile d'Yeu. Regular airlines, Executive & General charter. AS350B2, AS355N.
Paris Helicopters
Paris. Medevac, filming. AS355, EC135.
Planete Helicoptere
Paris / Geneve / Lyon. Filming specialists, business trips, various helicopters.
Pyrenees Helico Services
(In French) Heli-tours, charter, training, aerial photography.
RCE securite
Grimaud. Charter, trianing, heli-tours. AS350. R-22.
Trans Helicoptere Service
Paris. Charter, sales, aerial photography. AS365N(x1), AS355(x4), AS350(x5).


Euroheli HelicopterdiensteGmbh
(In German)
FAI Airservice AG
Nuremberg. Charter, sales, EMS. AS355, B206L, BO105, various bizjets.
Heli-Flight Cottbus Gmbh and Co, KG
Cottbus,Dresden ; Charter, Training, Airborne Laserscan, controlflights, Cargo, Fotomission, etc. AS-350, R-44, R-22.
(In German) . Heli-tours, charter, etc. B206L.
Heli Transair Gmbh
(In German) Egelsbach. Heli-tours, training, charter.
Heli Unionair Flugesellschaft Gmbh
(In German) Ottensoos. Filming, charter, aerial photography. AS355, BO105, EC135.
Heliteam Sud
(In German) Geretsried / Gelting. Filming, charter. B206B(x3), B206L(x2), B407(x2).
Rainbow Helicopters Gmbh
(In German) Mainz. Filming, charter. MD500, B206, AS350, AS355.
(In German) Mulheim. Filming, charter. AS350B2, Enstrom F28F.


Nuuk. Charter, cargo. S-61, B212, AS350, MD500, fixed wings.


Roraima Airways
Charter, .Various helicopters, fixed wings.


Helicopter Service of Iceland
Reykjavik. Heli-tours, filming, charter. B206L, Sch300C.


Tehran. Offshore, seismic, aerial work, EMS, S+R, charter. B212, B412, Lama.


Eirecopter and Phoenix Helicopters
Dublin + Celbridge. Aircraft management, training, charter. R-22, R-44, B206, AS350.
Irish Helicopters
Dublin + Cork + Shannon. S+R, charter, offshore. S-61, B-212, B206.
Premier Aviation
Weston Airport, Kildare. Sales, charter.
Shannon. Aircraft management, training, charter, maintenance. B222, B430, B206.


Aeroveneta Srl
Air-Dynamic Srl
Rome. VIP, charter, EMS, aerial work. AS350, AS355, AS365, A109, A119, BK117, EC120, EC130. fixed wings.
Air Service Center
Frazzione Fabbrica. Maintenance, training, charter, mountain rescue, aerial work. Sch300, AS350, Lama.
Airway Gmbh
Lasa. Aerial work, charter, training, fire-fighting. Lama, AS350, S-332.
Airgreen Srl
(In Italian). Robassomero. Aerial work, charter, EMS, training. AB412, Lama, S-316, R-22.
Alieurope / Belloli / Emam
Charter, fire-fighting, S+R, cargosling. S-332.
Butterfly Helicopters
Pisa. Charter, training, aerial work, aerial photography. R-22, AS350, NH500D.
Elifriulia Srl
Roncho dei Legionari. Mountain S+R, aerial work, training, charter, official Robinson dealer. R-22, R-44, Lama, AS350, AS355, EC135.


Aero Asahi Corporation
Tokyo. Aerial work, ENG, EMS, offshore, training, maintenance, charter. Large turbine fleet(B206 to S-332) and fixed wings.
Hankyu Airlines Co Ltd
(Mostly Japanese) Charter. AS365, AS355, AS350, H500, fixed wings.


Sabah Air Pte Ltd
Kota Kinabalu. Offshore, aerial work, aerial photography, charter. B206, B212, B412, fixed wings.


Air Mauritius
Port Louis. Airport transfers, sight seeing. B206x3.


Pemsco de Mexico SA de CV
Chihuahua. Fire control and support, aerial work, agricultural work, EMS, S+R , external load operations, logging. Mi-14, Mi-2.

The Netherlands

Heliflight Holland B.V.
Amsterdam / Amersfoort. Charter, VIP, Helicopter transfers, Aerial Photography. EC120(3x), EC130, AS355, R44, Sch300.
Lelystad. Sales, EMS, charter, training, filming. Sch300 , Sch330, B206, AS355, H500.
Amsterdam. Charter, helicopter transfers, helicopter skiing.
Hoofddorp. Charter, offshore. AS-350, AS-355, AS-365, S-76, S-61, fixed wings.

New Zealand

Glacier Southern Lakes Helicopters
Queenstown. Scenic flights, charters, filming, lifting work. H500, AS-350.
Heli Flight
Ardmore Airfield. Training, scenic flights, charters. R-22, Sch300 ,H500, AS-350.
Heli Hire
Ngongotaha, Rotorua. Training, fire-fighting, frost protection, sling work. R-22, H500.
Helicopters New Zealand
Auckland. Offshore, Antarctic support, fire-fighting, aerial work, scenic flights, charters. B412, B212, B206, AS-350.
Helicopter Services
Taupo. EMS, logging, charter. AS-350, MI 8 MTV.
Albany, Auckland. Training, helicopter accessory manufacturers. R-22.
Palmerston North. Training, S+R, firefighting, logging, aerial work, charter. R-22, MD500, AS350, BK117, UH1F, UH12E.
The Helicopter Line
Auckland. Charter, sight-seeing, general heli-work. AS350.
Helistar Helicopters
Taupo. Scenic flights, charter. MD500.
South Westland. Safaris, sight-seeing, charter. MD500.
North Shore Helicopters
Auckland. Safaris, training, scenic flights, charter, sales, heli-skiing. AS-350.
Southern Lakes Heliski
Queenstown. Heli-skiing, charter. AS350.


Norsk Helikopters AS


Helipan Corp
Panama City. Tuna spotting, training, charter, filming, scenic flights. R-22, R-44.


Lima. Aerial work, EMS, charter, filming, scenic flights. B212, B407, Lama.


S. Domingos de Rana. EMS, filming, fire-fighting, charter. AS350, AS355, H500, R-44.


Gulf Helicopters
Doha. Offshore specialists. B212(x7), B412(x8), B206(x2).

Reunion Island

Helilagon Helicopteres
Charter, filming, fire-fighting. AS350(x3), AS355(x3).


Rent - Helicopters
Helicopter tours and charters in Eastern Europe, helicopter dinning, aerial photography.


Heli Seychelles
Heli-tours, charter, filming, SAR. B206(x3).

Slovak Republic

Predaj Helikopter
Charter, sales, training, maintenance. R-22, R-44.

South Africa

Base 4 Aviation
Cape Town. Training, charter, filming, heli-tours. R-22, R-44, B206, B407, BO105, EC120.
Civair Helicopters
Cape Town. Charter, filming, ship service. BO105, H500, B206, fixed wings.
HeliBip - The Helicopter People
Johannesburg. Charter, maintenance, sales. Various helicopters.
Hover Dynamics
Johannesburg. Charter, training, sales, maintenance. B206, B407, R-44, R-22.
Johannesburg. Charter, maintenance, sales, training. Various helicopters and fixed wings.
On Air Tours
George. Scenic Flights, charter. EC120, EC130.
Sport Helicopters
Cape Town. Charter, heli-tours. B206.
Starlite Aviation
Durban. Charter, training. R-22, B206, B407, Alouette, Pumas.


(In Spanish)HeliBrokers. Cargo, powerline work.
Helicopteros del Sureste
Maintenance, charter, fire-fighting, EMS, aerial work. B212, B412, A109, B206.
Helicopteros de Poniente, S.L.
Badajoz. B206L, Sch300.
Large multinational operator. Various helicopters worldwide.
Sloane Mallorca
Palma. Training, charter, scenic flights. R-44, R-22.


(in swedish)
HeliAir Sweden AB
Stockholm. Aerial photography, Cineflex, sling load ops, aerial photography. AS350, B206, Sch333, Sch300.
Helicopter Assistance AB
Robinson dealer, training, charter.
Copenhagen. Training, charter, transfers to Malmo / Helsingborg.
Osterman Helicopter AB
Gothenburg. Charter, aerial photography, firefighting, aerial work, scenic flights. BO105, AS350, B206L, B205, EC120.


Air Evolution Ltd
Lodrino (Bellinzona). Charter, training, VIP, scenic flights, heli-skiing, aerial surveys, aerial photography and filming. EC120 , AS350 , EC130 , AS355 , A109.
(In German) Bern-Airport. Charter, training, aerial work, logging. AS350,
BB Heli AG
(In German) Zurich. Training, charter. B206.
Valair AG
(In German) Sitterdorf. Scenic Flights, filming, Robinson dealer. R-22.
Mittelland Helicopter Cy
(In German) Grenchen. Scenic flights, charter, filming, training. Sch300, B206L.
Air Glacier
(In French,German) Gstaad. Heli-skiing, charter, scenic flights. SA316, Llama, fixed wings.
Air Zermatt
Sernatt. Charter, training. SA316.
(in english,french,german)
Bonsai Helikopters AG
(in german)
Fuchs Helikopter
(in german)
(in german)
Heli-Chablais SA
Leysin. Charter, heli-skiing, aerial work. AS350.
Helicopter Service
Heli Gotthard
(In German) Erstfeld. Charter, aerial work. AS350, Sch300.
Helikopter-Service Triet AG
(In German) Altenrhein. Training, charter. Llama, B206, Sch300.
Heli-Link AG
Zurich. Charter. AS365.
Heli Partner Gmbh
(In German) Sirnach. Charter, scenic flights, heli-skiing, training. Llama, AS350, K-Max, B206, R-22.
Heli Rezia
(In Italian)Charter, emergency services. AS350, Lama, A109.
(In Italian) Lodrino. Charter. AS332, Lama?.
Helog AG
Kussnacht. Parachute drops, charter. AS332.
Rega Swiss Ambulance
Zurich. Rescue / medivac services. A109, fixed wings.
Swift Copters SA
Geneva. Charter, aerial work, training. AS365, AS350, A109, Sch300.


Doruk Air
Antalya. Charter, aerial filming, fire fighting, underslung loads. B206B3, B206L3, B407, MI-8 PS, MI-8 MTV-1, Ka-32C, various business jets.
RedStar Aviation
Istanbul. EMS, aerial filming, aerial spraying. BO105, PZL Swidnik, Jetstream 32.


Kiev. Worldwide leasing. Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-26, KA-32, various Antonov and IL-76.

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi Aviation
Abu Dhabi. Charter, off-shore specialists. B206, B212, B412.
Aerogulf Services
Dubai. Charter, scenic flights, off-shore specialists. B206, B212.
Falcon Aviation Services
Abu Dhabi. Charter, VIP, scenic flights. EC130, A109, A139, 412EP, S365.
Heli Dubai
Dubai. Charter, VIP, scenic flights, airport / Burj Al Arab transfers. B206, A109, A139.


London. Charter, EMS, aerial filming+photography. B206, AS350 / AS355.
Alan Mann
Fairoaks. Charter, training. B206, AS350, A109.
AYR Aviation
Mi-8 and Mi-26 operations worldwide.
Biggin Hill Helicopters
Kent. Charter, training, filming. B206, MD500.
Various Locations. Training, charter, maintenance, sales. Various helicopters and fixed wings.
East Midlands Helicopters
Costock. Charter, training, aerial photography. R-22, B206, AS355.
Fast Helicopters
Andover. Training, charter. R-22, B206.
First Heli-Network
Sales, charter, fractional ownership schemes.
Flying TV
ENG specialists. R-44 equipped with a Cineflex gyro-stabilised nose mount, shooting digital video, either digiBeta or DV and live transmission from a total of 4 cameras.
Genus Air
Charter, air taxi, training, sales and brokerage services.
Griffair Helicopter
Clitheroe. Sales, charter. Gazelle.
HG Helicopters
Inverness & Nairn. Training, charter, scenic tours. R-22, B206, B206L4.
Heli 2000
Blackpool. Training, charter, sales. R-22, R-44, B206.
Kensington Helicopters
Bridge of Cally, Perthshire. General aerial work. AS350.
Lothian Helicopters
Tynehead, Pathhead, Scotland. Heli tours and charter. B206L4.
Lomas Helicopters
Bideford. Charter. B206, H300, AS350.
Oxford Air Services
Oxford. Executive charter , sales. AS350, AS355, B206, S-76.
Red Hill Helicopters
Redhill. Training, charter. H300, B206.
Revilloc Aviation
Training. R-22.
Sloane Helicopters
Sywell. Training, sales, charter, maintenance. Agusta and Robinson dealers.
Tiger Helicopters
Shobdon. Training, charter, sales. B206, R-22.
Thurston Helicopters
Headcorn. Training, charter, aerial photography. R-22, B206, AS-355.


5-State Helicopters
Royse City, Texas. Aerial Crane, Charter, Firefighting. S58-T.
Acadian Ambulance Helicopter Services
Lafayette. EMS. BO105, BK117.
All American Helicopters, LLC
Denton, Texas. Training. Sch 300CBI.
Applebee Aviation, Inc.
Hillsboro, Oregon. Charter, Scenic Flights, Training, Aerial Photography, Agricultural Operations. Hughes 500, Schweizer, Cessna.
Advanced Helicopter Concepts, Inc.
Frederick, Maryland. Flight training through ATP. Sightseeing tours, aerial photography, dealer for Robinson Helicopters.
Gettysburg, Pennysylvania. Agricultural applications, firefighting, powerline work, maintenance. Various helicopters.
Air Coastal Helicopters
Lantana, Florida. Training, charter, external loads, maintenance. Various helicopters.
Air Kauai
Kauai, Hawaii. Heli-tours. AS350.
Airlift Helicopters Inc.
Reno. External load specialists, logging, aerial work. H500.
Air Maui
Kahului, Hawaii. Scenic flight specialists. AS350.
Arkansas Helicopters, LLC
Springdale, Arkansas. Pipeline and powerline inspections, ENG, aerial photography, leasing. R-44.
Armstrong Helicopters, LLC
Stevensville, MT. External Load Specialist, UH-1F.
Bachman Aero Helicopters
Schaumburg, IL. Charter, training, aerial photography, scenic flights. Sch-300.
Biscayne Helicopters
Miami, Florida. Charter, air ambulance, maintenance. B206, A109 and A-stars.
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters
Maui+Big Island, Hawaii. Heli tours, charter. 14 x A-stars.
Bulldog Airlines Inc
Orlando, Florida. Aerial filming, aerial crane, charter.
Bravo Helicopters and Wing
Torrance, California. Training, sales, charters, production work. R-22, B206, AS350.
Briles wing and rotor
USA west coast. Includes Heli-USA, Tundracopters (Alaska) and Rogasa Helicopters (Mexico).
California Aviation Services
Riverside, California. Training specialists, aerial photography, scenic flights. R-22, R-44, Cessna 150 and 172.
Carson Helicopters
Parkasie, Pennysylvania. Air-crane, heavy lift specialist. S-61.
Celebrity Helicopters
California. Training, sales, tours, aerial photo, movie production, camera mounts, R-22, R-44, B206.
Central Helicopter Service, Inc.
Texas. Charter, ship crew-change. B206.
CFC Aviation
Georgetown, Texas. Charter / scenic flights, training, aerial filming and photography. B206B+L, R-22, R-44.
Coastal Helicopters
Juneau, Alaska. Heli tours. B206.
Colorado Helicopters Inc
Colorado Springs. Powerline work. H500.
Columbia Helicopters
Aurora, Oregon. Heavy lift, offshore, fire-fighting, charter. Vertol, Chinook.
Corporate Helicopters
San Diego.Helicopter training, sales, aerial photo, movie production, camera mounts.1 AS350B, 1 EC-120, 4 Bell 206B, 2 Bell 206L, 3 R-22, 1 R-44
Crescent Helicopters
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Sales, Maintenance & Charter. Bell Service Center. Allison 250 series overhauls.
Elite Helicopters
Los Angeles. Scenic Flights, charter, training. R-22, R-44.
Era Aviation
Anchorage, Alaska. EMS, charter, offshore. Various helicopters, fixed wings.
McMinnville, Oregon. Offshore, EMS, charter. Various helicopters.
Geneva Aviation
Washington. Leasing, sales, maintanance, specialist ENG equipment. AS-350.
HAS Corporation
Pennysylvania. Helicopter sales.
Haverfield Corporation
Carroll Valley, Pennsylvania. Utility Powerline Transmission Services.
Hawaii Helicopters
Hawaii.Heli tours, charter, "Total Recall" video. Twinstar, A-star and S-76.
Van Nuys, California. Sightseeing, charter, training, aerial photography. B206, AS-350.
Helicopter Flight Services, Inc.
New York. Sightseeing, charter, aerial filming, airport transfers. AS-350, B407.
Helicopter Flite Inc.
Poconos. Charter, Sightseeing, Aerial Photography, Surveys, etc. B407.
Helicopter High
Baltimore. Training, charter, sales. B206, R-22.
Helicopter Services Boston
Boston. Sightseeing, charter, aerial filming, transition training. R-44.
Heli Flight
Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Training, charter. R-22, R-44, B206, S-58.
Auburn, California. Training, charter, aerial photography, scenic flights. Sch 300.
Helinet Aviation
Los Angeles. Sightseeing, EMS, charter. B206, A109, S-76.
Heli USA
Las Vegas. Hawaii. Sightseeing, charter. B206, AS350.
Helo Air
Richmond, Virginia. Part 135 Charter and VIP Travel, Aerial Photography and Cinematography, ENG, NASCAR Shuttles, Part 133 External Load, Utility Operations. B206B+L, B407.
Horizon Helicopters
Rancho Murieta, California. Logging, fire-fighting, training. B206, UH1.
Hummingbird Helicopter Service, LLC
Hunter Helicopters, LLC
Stevensville, Montana. Long-line, seismic, fire-suppression, forestry support, aerial work. UH1.
Island Express Helicopters
Los Angeles, California. Charter, movie shoots, Catalina Island Flights. AS350.
Island Helicopters
Atlanta, GA. Charter, tours, sales, leasing.
Keystone Helicopter Corporation
West Chester. Maintenace, sales, flight ops. Manage various helis.
Len Jablon Helicopters.
Chicago, Illinois. Helicopter Charter, Group Tours, Aerial Photography and Cinematography. MD500E, MD600N.
Los Angeles Helicopters.
Long Beach Airport, Los Angeles. Training, charter, aerial photography and filming, ENG, law enforcement support, maintenance. R-22, R-44.
Los Angeles Helicopter Tours.
Aerial photography and filming, scenic flights. R-22, R-44.
Maritime Helicopters
Homer, Alaska. Charter, scenic flights, research vessel support, heli-fishing. B206, B407.
Maverick Helicopter
Las Vegas. Heli tours. AS350.
Mercy Air
California. EMS. B222.
National Helicopter Service and Engineering Company
Van Nuys, California. Filming, charter, construction. B206,AS-355.
New Air Helicopters
Durango, La Plata. Heli tours, charter. B206.
New England Helicopter Academy
Northeast Helicopters
Ellington, C.T. Training specialists (largest in NE USA). R-22, R-44, B206.
Offshore Logistics
Offshore specialists. Many and various helicopters worldwide.
Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters
Grand Canyon + Las Vegas. Heli tours, charter. B206, AS350.
Petroleum Helicopters Inc.
Lafayette, Louisiana. EMS, offshore, training, charter. Various helicopters.
Pompano Helicopters
Pompano Beach, Florida. Training. R-22, B206.
Chicago, Illinois. Training. Schweizer 300, simulator.
Quantum Helicopters
Chandler, Phoenix. Training, sales, charter. R22, R44, H500.
Rocky Mountain Helicopters
Provo, Utah. EMS. A109, AS350, AS355, BK117, BO105, B222, MD900.
Rogers Helicopters
Fresno, California. EMS, fire-fighting, charter. B206, B212, B222, UH1B, CH54, BO-105.
Rotor Aviation
Long Beach Airport, Los Angeles. Training, charter, aerial photography and filming, scenic flights. R-22, R-44.
SA Helicopter
San Antonio. Charter. H300.
Schneider Flight Services
Durham, North Carolina. Charter, filming, survey work. R-44
Serenity Helicopters
Las Vegas and Grand Canyon tours. AS350.
SouthEast Helicopters
Saluda. Training, maintenance. Sch 300.
Sky Helicopters
Dallas/Forth Worth. ENG, charter, training, sales, maintenance. R-22, R-44.
Skydance Helicopters
Minden+Sedona. Charter, construction, filming. MD500, B206, Llama.
Skylane Helicopters
Decatur, Texas. Pipeline + power line inspections, survey work. Sch 300.
Sky Ops + TSA Helicopters
Tampa, Florida. Training. R-22, R-44.
SouthEastern Helicopters
North Carolina. Training, Photo flight, Filming, Flight Survey, Power line, Pipeline control, Sight Seeing, Rental, TV/ media support, enforcement support. R-22, R-44.
Sun Aero Helicopters, Inc.
Lansing, Chicago. Charter, instruction, aerial photography. B206B, B206L3, R-22, R-44.
Sundance Helicopters
Las Vegas. Charter, heli tours.
Temsco Helicopter
Juneau, Alaska. Charter, heli tours. Squirrel.
Tomlinson Aviation
Ormond Beach, Florida. Sales, training, maintenance, charter. Schweizer 300, B206.
Trans-Alaska Helicopters Inc.
Anchorage, Alaska. Power line construction, fire-fighting, charter, maintenance.
TransAero Helicopters, Ltd
Cheyene, Wyoming. Government Contracts, Wild Land Fire Fighting, and Oil and Gas Exploration, vertical reference work, site seeing, photography flights, construction, mining, seismic, and core and conventional drilling. AS350, SA315B, SA316B, SA330J.
Universal Air Services
Orlando. Charter, ENG, offshore, maintenance, sales. B206L , B222.
U.S. Helicopters Inc.
Marshville, North Carolina. ENG, filming, sales, charter, maintenance. B206, AS350.
Verticare Helicopters.
Salinas, California. Charter, sightseeing, training, aerial video, airshow team THE SHOWCOPTERS, Robinson dealer. R22 and R44 (also camera), Bell 206
Volar Helicopter Training
Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Training. R-22, B206.
Whirl Away Helicopters, Inc
. Charters, Aerial Filming + Photography, ENG, training. B206.
Wings Air Helicopters, Inc
New York. Charters, Aerial Filming + Photography, scenic flights, training. AS350, MD600N, R-44, R-22.
WorldWind Helicopters, Inc
Renton, WA. Charters, Aerial Filming + Photography, S+R. MD500, B206, AS350.
XL Helicopters
Denver, Colorado. Specializing in heavy lift, fire-fighting. Bell 214 B-1.
Zemlock Helicopter Service
Chino, California. Training. B-47.


EMS, charter, aerial photography, aerial work. B206B, B206L, B412, KingAir.

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